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Our objective is to provide the highest quality wound healing advice to healthcare professionals both with the NHS and privately through a collaborative plan of care that uses the latest research, education, equipment and sound clinical techniques.

Is This Service For You?

Many patients have complex wounds that sometimes require an expert opinion but this will be a lengthy process with referral to the hospital and then a wait for a hospital appointment. Their outpatient clinic may be a considerable distance away and they may receive inconsistent advice. Wound Care Solutions aims to give an effective plan of treatment for the practitioner and the patient. E Health patient consultations will be offered within 48 hours instead of the patient waiting 2-4 weeks for a hospital appointment.

Objectives, Standards, Services & Aims

Aims of Service

  • Provide the highest optimum safe patient care with good patient outcomes
  • Payment by results
  • Easy access for support on wound care for healthcare professionals
  • Enhance patient outcomes using a coordinated approach to wound care
  • Enhance the quality of life for patients through faster healing of their wounds
  • Prevent unnecessary hospital admissions

Care Standards

This E Health mobile tablet application increases patient safety, delivers effective care and good patient experiences. The system has been designed to meet the criteria for Root Cause Analysis, Vulnerable Adults and Care Quality Commission standards and meets the QIPP agenda. The E Health can also provide evidence for litigation or complaints.

All advice and consultations are of the highest possible standard whether treatment is funded by the NHS or a private healthcare system.