How to Use Telemedicine

How to use the Telemedicine Service

As a practitioner, once you have registered with Wound Care Solutions you will be able to gain access to our Members Area. In order for us to provide consultation you will need to complete our referral form and upload a photograph of the wound with measurements. Please ensure you have the consent from the patient before uploading or making a referral to us.

When taking a photograph you will require good light and plain background if possible (white or green). Please use a measuring scale alongside the wound. The photograph should be taken from a distance of not more than 25cms (10"), unless it is a very large wound.

A comprehensive treatment care pathway can be sent to your Practitioner to follow for 7 days and then a review can be uploaded , providing a regular update for the duration of your treatment. The referral is made by the practitioner through our secure Members Area that requires a login process employed by banking systems. The practitioner will be sent the treatment care pathway via email every time an update is provided or they login on the website.